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Dead Rising 2 Wiki is the ins and outs of Dead Rising 2. Are you stuck on a boss? Out of Cash? Cant find Zombrex, and dont want to see your darling Katey eat your face? Then you have come to the right place. This site is all Dead Rising 2, and all for the console. Come in and take a look. Hope it helps... Oh Yeah... If you dont like SPOILERS!!! turn back now...


The game is set 5 years after the events of the original Dead Rising. The zombie parasite that originated in Santa Cabeza and caused the Willamette outbreak has spread all over the United States. This is due to the 50 orphans scattered throughout the United States who had been injected with the parasite; subjecting them to zombification and infecting the rest of the US. The game takes place in Fortune City, which is modeled after the real-life city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Chuck Greene, a former national motocross champion, is caught in the middle of the zombie apocalypse in Fortune City after escaping Still Creek. Chuck faces a number of zombie hordes as well as psychopaths, and Survivors whom he may choose to save. Among the survivors in Fortune City is Chuck's own daughter, Katey Greene, who was infected in an attack that killed her mother. Katey serves as Chuck's primary motivation for battling the undead. He tries to earn money to keep his daughter on the infection supressant "Zombrex". She must recieve the injection every 24 hours or she will turn. With know Zombrex left and little money Chuck forces himself to participate in the violent game show "Terror is Reality" for a chance and the Big Prize.


This section includes the history and origins of zombrex, as well as the hidden locations, missions that reward it, and prices if you want to buy it.

This section lists the characters that you may come across in the game, as well as, survivors, and psychopaths.

This section lists the different weapons you can find in the game, even if you may not think its a weapon, as well as combo weapons and the items needed to make them.

This section lists the different vehicles you will have acess to in the game, as well as how you unlock them and how you upgrade some of them.

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