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"Welcome to Fortune City, the city with no limits. America's newest entertainment playground offers you the ultimate pleasure experience, and you can bet your life that playing and staying in Fortune City's incredible casinos is pure fun and games all the way."
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The Arena Edit

The Arena is Fortune City's gladiator colliseum. Where non-zombies can pay to witness "Terror is Reality" En tir big

"This ultimate battle between good and evil sees four contestants enter the TiR arena to slice, slam and slaughter their way through hordes of zombies. This awesome, live game show offers contestants the chance to win big cash prizes and lets the carnage loving crowd get their gorefest fix."
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Their are several Casinos in Fortune City. The Americana, The Slot Ranch, The Atlantica, and The Yucatan.

Fortune City
Front americana Slotranch front
Americana Casino Slot Ranch Casino
Front atlantica Front yucatan
Atlantica Casino Yucatan Casino
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